Friday, January 13, 2006

Take Me Where the Rhythm Is Crazy

The most frequent type of comment that shows up on the comment board at my gym is always some variation of, "I hate the music you play. Play something else!"

I've seen things like:

"That hip-hop is just so offensive and trashy. What language! Please find something more appropriate."

"Soul? For working out? Way to put me to sleep! Can't you find a better station?"

"That techno is giving me a headache! Do you really have to play music like that, especially first thing in the morning? We're at a gym, not a nightclub."

I get so tired of these freaking whiners. A few weeks ago, I wrote a comment saying:

"If you want to hear music you like, why don't you just bring an iPod or a walkman? It's not all about you, and get over yourselves if you think your taste in music is going to appeal to everyone else here."

The lady who answers the comments posted mine and said, "YES! THANK YOU!" Hey, happy to help. I think I would like her job, answering those comments. Smacking down people who are just being big babies is fun, and it would have been especially fun to address the hip-hop complaint with a profanity-laced tirade.

I think the fitness director should have been telling these people off long ago, frankly. She's been way too nice. Her usual response is, "If you don't like the music, please go to the front desk and ask them to change the station!" How is that workable when you have 50 people who all want it on a different station?

Anyway, I thought she and I finally had the last word, until a few weeks ago, I noticed this comment:

"Could you please not play Barry Manilow in the morning? Instead of making me want to work out, it makes me want to find a pretty girl to take out dancing, and I just can't have that if I'm supposed to be getting my exercise!"

Awww. Well. I can see the guy's point.