Monday, January 02, 2006


Meet my other nephew, Ben. I didn't know about him until he was three weeks old because the flow of information in my family leaves a lot to be desired. He's two-years-old now, he talks up a storm, but he doesn't form many sentences. It's fun to ask him a question, because you can see the wheels turning. He thinks and thinks and thinks and he even scratches his head while he figures out what he wants to tell you, and then when he knows what it is, he gives you one perfect word to sum up everything he has to say.

When my stepmom puts Ben down for a nap, he yells, "Time out!!!!"

Ben is fearless. When Santa came over for Christmas (really, it was my aunt's boyfriend in a suit, not the Santa or anything), Ben leapt off my sister's lap and grabbed Santa by the hand and lead him to his seat. When it was his turn to sit in Santa's lap, Ben practically knocked Santa on his ass trying to get to him.

One of my cousins growled at Ben, and he ran away screaming. After three rounds of this, he ran away screaming, then turned around, clenched his fists and let out a lion cub's roar.

We watched the Wiggles with him (what is the deal with Captain Feathersword? He scares me.). At one point, they ordered all the kids to turn around. Ben began to turn, but halfway through, he pointed at the Mr. and ordered: "Do it." You have to draw the line somewhere, though.