Tuesday, December 20, 2005

This Post Has Been Approved By the Mr.*

There's this guy I see all the time. He's always sure to pay me a compliment and notice if I've done the slightest thing different, in a completely non-creepy and adorable way.

"Your hair looks niiiice today!"

"Hey, new shirt. Cute!"

"Got a haircut, huh? Lookin' GOOD!"

Last week I said to him, "You know, you're really going to give me a fat head!"

"Well, you're just like a pretty picture. You look and you look, and you notice new things each time!"

This guy is most definitely not my husband.

My husband is the guy who came up to me on Saturday and said, "Hey! Your hair looks lighter!" So observant, right? Yeah. Except, I had my hair highlighted almost THREE MONTHS AGO.

I'm so glad someone's been paying attention.