Thursday, December 08, 2005

And Now For a Completely Random Entry

I've been waiting for months and months to share this little tidbit, thinking that the perfect opportunity to write about it would eventually present itself. Some people were of the opinion that it would have worked well in this entry, but I don't know. That was about sharing food and this didn't seem quite right for that. But I'm getting tired of hanging onto it, so here you go.

I used to work with a guy named Jeff. He was tall-ish, thin, wore glasses, a blazer and jeans to work nearly every day. He was also smart, hilarious and snide in way I found amusing, and we became pretty good friends. But one thing he did drove me absolutely crazy.

We all ate dinner at our desks, because in our industry, you really can't get away for all that long. You have about 5 minutes to heat up your stuff in the microwave and grab a soda from the vending machine, and then it's back to your desk to continue working, taking bites between fits of typing.

Every single night, I'd heat up my dinner and come back to my desk. My butt would barely hit the seat before Jeff would poke his head over the partition and say, "Nabbalicious?"
"What are you eating?"
"Chicken noodle soup, Jeff."
He'd pause to consider this.
"Can I see it?"

That's right. He didn't want any. He just wanted to see it. I'd hold it up so he could get a good look. Every time, he'd stare for two or three seconds before saying, "Huh" and sitting down without any further comment.

He did this to all of us, every night. My friend Tannalee, who sat to my left and diagonally from Jeff, was driven so batty by his nightly "Can I see it?" fests that she started keeping her food under her desk and sneaking bites when Jeff wasn't looking.

Your coworkers can definitely make you insane.