Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Me Stupid

Conversation with my brother, Glenn. Laura is his wife of one year. I'm the lone idiot in the whole chat.

"Glenn! What's going on?"
"Nothing much. How are you?"
"Good. I hear you're not feeling well. What're you pregnant?"
"No, but Laura is."
"Ar-har-har. So, what else is new?"
"Yes, how's your house?"
"It's great!"
"Wait, is Laura REALLY pregnant?"
"No way! For real?"
"Well, now you're just confusing me."
"She IS."
Commence congratulations and "Oh my God!"s.

Come to find out that my dad and stepmom have known for several days, but as is par for the course in my family, no one tells me jack. That joke about Glenn being pregnant was totally random, so you can imagine my confusion just a little when it turns out someone actually WAS pregnant. Right? You can?