Monday, November 14, 2005

Hmm. Maybe I'll Stop By In n' Out While I'm At It. And Jack in the Box. And Del Taco. And Togo's. And...

I've got to leave town for a few days. My stepgrandma isn't doing so well.

She's been in declining health for awhile now, and she isn't expected to make it to Thanksgiving. So, I'm off to California to get some quality time in with her. She's still lucid, cracking jokes and enjoying the attention being lavished on her. She even got up and made her bed Saturday morning, trailed by her oxygen tank. She's unstoppable, I'm telling you.

I'm sure I'll post an update or two while I'm gone, because I start jittering like a crack addict if I'm without the internet for too long. Lawd knows my crazy family will give me plenty of fodder. So, you know, don't forget about me or anything! I'll be back in a jiffy.