Friday, November 18, 2005

He Says "It's Like Having a Conversation!"

My dad has a knack for leaving long, rambling messages. I don't think he's ever left one that's short and to the point. As I told my family this weekend, I don't want to just delete them after a few minutes because what if at the end he says, "Oh, and the key to the house is located at...." or "I armed the house, and the secret code to get in is..." Although he's never buried important information like that, I know that the one time I just hit delete after the first three minutes have passed is going to be the one time he does. Here's a sample message he left me on Monday. It's really not that bad, but it gives you an idea.

Hello there, [my name]. Uh, this is dad. And I was just checking in with you to see if you got on your plane okay (1) and everything was cool. It's about a quarter to 12 your time out there in Chicago (2) right now. And I'm referring to the flight status thing, uh, you guys are due in about 2:31, which is a little bit ahead of schedule. That's what it says here, anyway. Anyway um, when you get in, I was gonna suggest you just give me a call and I'm trying to figure out if I should meet you. Well, I think I'll go and meet you inside like I originally planned. If you don't see me, give me a call on the cell phone. Or if you want to give me a call on your cell phone from the plane when you're taxiing, that's fine too, because depending on how late it's running and stuff like that I might just have you come out to the door on the lower level and I could pick you up there then take you to the car rental place and dump you off. (3) (4) OK? Sooo, give me a call when you get this, either on the cell or...wellll, I should be away from the office by then, because I'm gonna split...yeah, I'll be away from the office. Yeah, just give me a call on the cell phone. Okey doke? Remember I love you, and hope you have a safe flight.

1. I wasn't going to be much help with him on this one, on account of the airlines not letting you answer your cell phone during flights.
2. My layover location.
3. I kept asking him why he wanted to pick me up and take me to the car rental place when it's right there at the airport and I can take the shuttle, and he could just save himself a trip. He confuses me sometimes. I know, I know. He's excited to see me. But still. This is awfully complicated.
4. You know what's fun? When they try to give you a map at the car rental place and you can be all, "No thanks! I know the area."