Sunday, November 20, 2005


The story of how my mom's dog Bailey came to the family is the stuff of legend. Well, I just like to say that because it involves me.

One night 8 years ago, my friends and I were bar-hopping in Santa Cruz when we saw this hippie girl standing on a corner holding a puppy. We went over to squeal and coo, and the girl told us she was giving the puppy away. The rest of her litter had new homes, and this little puppy was the last remaining one. As I held the puppy, I remembered that my mom and stepdad had been on the market for a dog, that they preferred a female and wanted something that would grow to be no bigger than a Lab. The puppy was perfect, but it was midnight. Far too late to call mom and Eldon to ask if they wanted this puppy. I sat there for a minute, looking into the puppy's blue eyes and whining, "I don't knowwwww. What do I do??"

It must have been the mixture of liquor and the hynotic qualities of that little puppy face, because I suddenly blurted out, "I'll do it!"
The hippie girl said, "Great!" and immediately took off. As I watched her hustle off down the street I thought, "Oh, shit. What have I done?!"
Kim looked at me and said, "Oh my God. You just got a dog. What if your mom doesn't want it?"

I decided that the call to mom and Eldon couldn't wait, so I ran into a nearby bar. "Mom! Do you want a dog? I found this really cute one..." and went on to describe the puppy.
She woke my stepdad up to ask him what he thought. "OK! We'll take her!"
"Oh, thank God, because I already got her. I'll bring her in the morning."

We drove back to Kim and George's that night, where the puppy slept with me in the living room. She cried all night and peed on me. Thanks a lot. I drove her up to Foster City the next morning, and she cried the entire 45-minute ride. I thought I was going to loose my mind.

I dropped the puppy off, and she immediately bonded with Eldon. A few days later, they named her Bailey, after George Bailey in It's a Wonderful Life.

An interesting side note is that the hippie girl told me Bailey's birthday was June 26. When I went to get Nabby, the breeder told me that Nabby's birthday was June 26 as well!