Tuesday, October 04, 2005

More Ghost Stuff (The Mr. Is In the Room With Me Right Now Keeping Watch, So It's OK)

Bucktoothed Varmint e-mailed me last night to ask if I had a VCR. I knew where he was going with this. He thinks I need to see some scary-ass movie called "The Changeling." I respectfully disagree.

Me: Are you going to make me watch that SCARY MOVIE?

BTV: YES! You have to. It's fantastic. It's old and in some ways hasn't aged well, but there are a couple scenes that are simply creep-tacular and have to be seen by anyone who appreciates a good ghost story.

Me: All right, but if I die of fright, IT IS ON YOUR HEAD.

BTV: I scare you to death with a ghost movie, then you come back and haunt me. That's irony if I've ever seen it.

Me: That sounds like a deal. I won't be a nice ghost, either!

BTV: My college roommate's family home was built during the revolutionary war (in Maryland). Well, part of it was, and they added on over the years. They used to keep the piano in the old part of the house ... until it started waking them up in the middle of the night playing ragtime music.


BTV: I've never had an encounter. I'm not opposed to it really. I'm more scared by people knocking on my door late at night to panhandle.