Monday, October 17, 2005

Marcia Really Should Have Been Made Head Cheerleader, Too

I got these shoes seven years ago, while living in Florida. It was late winter at the time, and I think I was still holding out some hope that Florida had seasons other than Hot and Hurricane. Reason #958 That I Didn't Like Florida: Florida's weather isn't really conducive to wearing awesome shoes made of a brown suede material. It's all flip-flops and sandals, all the time. I love sandals, and Lawd knows I loved me some flip-flops this summer, but a girl wants something different once in awhile.

Long after I left Florida, these shoes sat at the back of my closet. It took a few years to stop viewing them as a reminder of my mostly unhappy months there, and by the time they became just another pair of shoes, I wasn't sure they were even in style anymore. I had them in the bag destined for Goodwill on more than one occasion, but something always compelled me to take them back out. About three years ago, I decided to try wearing them to work. They got some compliments, they're so comfortable and they go with a few things, so I kept them. They look like something Marcia Brady would have in her closet, don't they? Come on, that Marcia was a snappy dresser, wasn't she? I coveted her skirts growing up.

To this day, whenever someone compliments the shoes, I can't help but exclaim, "Thanks! They are seven years old!" like they've got a genius IQ. I should probably stop announcing that.

My point? It's been said before: hang onto a good bit of your crap. Eventually everything whips right back around.