Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Hat Trick (Or, Three More, and She's Got Herself a Hockey Team)

I'm an aunt...again!

My sister, Karen, had her newest addition yesterday afternoon and he's been named Jackson Wyatt. They are nowhere near the South, but I fully intend to say this name with a big twang when I meet him over Christmas. Despite having arrived three weeks early, he still weighs in at a fairly decent 6 lbs, 9 oz. I'd also like to thank my dad for calling me within an hour of Jackson's birth instead of, say, three weeks later like he did when Benjamin was born.

This is Karen's third son, which makes for three boys three and under. I'll pause here while you compose yourself and process that information. As adorable as Steven and Benjamin are, don't think I don't question her sanity or wonder where she gets her stamina. I couldn't do it. Wish her luck, too, because she's not going to be sleeping again ever.

The fact that Karen continues to have babies is a great relief to the Mr. and I, as well as my stepbrother and his wife, because it's sure taking the pressure and attention off of us. In fact, I don't think anyone in the family has even had time to notice that I'm not pregnant.

Karen has always wanted to be a mom and she's a great mom. She makes it look so easy. Pretty much the opposite of how I would be. Nabby and Rufus, I can handle. Belly rubs, food, walks, treats, kisses. Nothing to it. But I try to imagine them talking, having tantrums and entering their teen years and despising me, then going off to college (or not, if they were to be anything like the high school student I was) and I just think: no way. I am not cut out for that. Instead, I am destined to be the most rockinest aunt in existence, and that's a post I am mighty cool with holding.

But it's not like I'm getting much more sleep than Karen these days, anyway, because our neighbors' outdoor dog won't SHUT THE HELL UP.