Thursday, October 13, 2005

Dear Mom,

I got all inspired when jasclo wrote her post about how her mom reads her blog and all of her friends' blogs as well (hello, Jasclo's mom!). I know you pop in here from time to time, so I thought I'd take a few moments to tell you something I have never told you before.

Remember that time you dropped me off at Maiada's for a sleepover and we were all like, "Oooh, we're going to do our nails and make popcorn and gossip and, who knows, maybe we'll give ourselves facials...whee!"? Well, we did have the sleepover eventually, but we took a little break and went up to San Francisco to the Live 105 Listener Appreciation Party. I know I had been forbidden to go after winning the tickets, mostly by dad, because it was in the big bad city on a questionable stretch of Market Street and all, but y'all just didn't get it and I had to take matters into my own hands. We saw the Hoodoo Gurus and A Flock of Seagulls and the Alarm and we just had a fantastic time.

And then, we met our favorite DJ, Steve Masters, and Maiada and I both kissed him on the cheek. We spent the next month drooling about it. Although looking at his picture now, I'm not sure why.

Knowing you, you were probably onto me the whole time. In which case, your instincts were totally correct. No, dad still doesn't know. Don't tell him! Please!


P.S. I'm not grounded, am I? Please don't do it in front of the Internets, and don't make me have to sneak out at this age.