Sunday, September 04, 2005

To the Guy Who Looked Like Eric Stoltz Circa Pulp Fiction and Smelled Like Weed Sitting In Front Of His House

Hey, you know what's not a compliment? When I'm walking my dogs by your house, and you come up to me and gesture to Nabby and say, "Yeah, that dog with more white? Boy, she is cute!"

I mean, she is cute, and she appreciates the compliment. Sometimes, I think she's a little too aware of how cute she is, 'cause you should try to see her wriggle her way out of a scolding. We've never actually punished her, because you just can't. Oh, we've tried. Lord, have we tried.

But, you ass, you just insulted the other dog, the perfectly adorable and sweet Rufus, he of the Wonk Ear of Irresistibility.

If you don't have something nice to say about both dogs, just keep it to yourself.

P.S. Your breath reeked of alcohol, too. I mean, come on. It was 3 in the afternoon!