Thursday, September 15, 2005

Paul Giamatti Will Be Disappointed

So, yeah, I had a little wine last night. The Mr. and I had another couple over for dinner. He knew the girl from when they both lived in Kansas, and she happens to live here now and works as a lawyer and they hadn't seen each other since they were kids. Now, I don't know what it is about lawyers, but I am completely intimidated by them. One of my aunts is a lawyer, and even though she has never given me reason to feel this way, I feel like she is listening to everything I say and either thinking I sound incredibly stupid or she's mentally going over the flaws in my logic. Please, don't mind me and my issues. Lawyers just scare me.

When the Mr. told me this girl was a lawyer, I suddenly worried that this was going to be a really awkward evening consisting of me either saying stupid thing after stupid thing or me not saying anything, thus completely avoiding the risk of saying any stupid things. So, I spent much of the day not only worrying about this, but about the issue of whether the four of us would even have any chemistry and manage to spend a few hours together that didn't suck.

Anyway, Lynn and Brian arrived at our house and I immediately felt comfortable around them and proceeded to act fairly normal. They're both really smart and friendly, which was such a relief, I poured myself a nice, big glass of merlot to celebrate. Lynn had a glass, too. And then we each had another glass. Here's where Lynn demonstrated that she is, in fact, smarter than me: she stopped. I think the low point for me was when I opened a bottle of pinot grigio after we had polished off the merlot and didn't even rinse the little bit of merlot out of the old glass. Klassy with a K, that is me.

Thankfully, I called it quits after that. As they were driving away, I wondered if they were saying, "We are never going back there again!"