Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Internets, You're Back

Do you know how bored I've been all weekend? I spent most of it sitting around in a stupor, going from site to site hitting refresh. "Update...update...update...puh-leeeese update." I replayed parts of Office Space and the Donnie episode of "Just Shoot Me" in my head about 15 times to keep myself amused. Green quarter! Look what happened while you were gone. I went insane.

Only about three of my favorite non-news sites updated. The rest of you...you just took off. I knew I was finally out of the woods when I saw that dooce updated last night. Thank you, thank you.

Tell me about your long weekends. What is that like? Did you have a BBQ? Not only was I bored, I didn't even get any potato salad.

Don't disappear on me like this again, you hear me? At least not until Thanksgiving. If there is a repeat performance, I shall never forgive you.

OK, I know it's not your job to keep me entertained, but really, it is.