Tuesday, September 20, 2005

I Really Should Talk to My Family More Often

Conversation with my brother:
"Aw, thanks. What's up?"
"Oh, nothing much."
We chit chat for a few minutes, and then in response to something he tells me, I say, "That's freakin' whack."
"Yes, whack."
"You've never heard this before?"
"No, I've heard it before. I just haven't heard you say it."
"Well, we don't really talk that much."
He then lowers the phone and yells to his girlfriend, Bella Snow, "Hey, she says 'that's freakin' whack'! And she still says hella!" as though before my brother called, they had been discussing just what I'm saying these days and wondered whether I still sound Californian or have completely assimilated in the South.

That's hella freakin' whack. Y'all.