Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The! Amazing! Race!

I do believe I've written posts before trying to convince the rest of the planet to hop on The Amazing Race bandwagon. I've been successful in getting at least one convert for each of the last two seasons. Who are my next cult members? Please stand up.

I'm fully aware that most reality TV is total crap. I'm also fully aware that I watch a lot of crap. But I think I also know quality TV, and friends, The Amazing Race is no junk.

Sure, it's reality. Yeah, you watch people squabble. But you learn some geography. You learn a little culture. You learn about local customs. You see cinematography so gorgeous, your list of places you'd like to visit someday grows. You pick up some foreign phrases. And you get to look at Phil.

The Amazing Race has so many elements that make it exciting to watch, unlike Survivor, which can get kind of predictable after an alliance takes power. Forming an alliance might be 1/10th of the overall strategy in The Amazing Race. The winning team needs book smarts, street smarts, flexibility, cunning, to play well together (finally, a reality show where people who know how to get along usually do the best) and brawn.

I'm just sayin'.