Tuesday, August 16, 2005


During Saturday morning spinning class, I realized that I will never, ever, EVER be the kind of exerciser who feels the need to "WHOO HOO!" no matter how good a workout I'm having. You could tell me I'm burning a pound an hour, and still, I will not "whoo-hoo." I will also never understand the people who do. Why? Aren't they embarrassed to be doing that? What compels them to make such a spectacle? When I get stuck next to a "whoo-hoo"er, I just want to die.

However, I don't want to be totally rude to the instructor by my refusal to signal approval of the workout verbally. I'll usually give a slight smile, which I hope conveys "I don't think you suck, and your music isn't bad, except for when you played the "Rocky" theme, because seriously, what was that about? Please don't do that anymore. And also, don't make me whoo-hoo, or I will have to bounce resist-a-balls off your head after class."