Monday, August 22, 2005

Part V: Cozumel, Mexico

I came home tonight/today expecting to watch the Six Feet Under series finale, but then I forgot that I had set up Celebrity Fit Club to record at the same time I got home, which means that not only am I getting a jump on this while I wait it out, but I also watch way too much damn TV. It also means we need a dual receiver DVR, something I say to the Mr. at least once a week. Actually, I don't even have to complete the sentence anymore, as the scene usually goes:
(something annoying happens that wouldn't happen if we just had the freaking dual receiver)
Me: Do you know what this means?
Him: I know, I know. Dual receiver!
And it's funny to think the VCR used to be enough.

So, anyway. Like Jamaica, Mexico was not what I expected, except this time that was all good. The only other times I'd been there were on a cruise to Ensenada, and a drunken expedition to Tijuana in college that ended with some shenanigans at our hotel in San Diego that I'll save for another time. I blame it on the two-for-one margaritas. The Caribbean side of Mexico is much, much nicer, a thousand times hotter and it was by far our favorite stop. We had one excursion: a trip to the Mayan Ruins of Tulum. After a brief guided tour, you have about an hour to explore the area, then you're out of there and back to the ship.

On the bus ride to the tour, we saw a lot of devastation from the recent hurricane. They really got smacked...trees were completely stripped of their leaves and there wasn't much shade anywhere. One giant electrical tower (is that the right word for it?) was folded over itself. There were some people who had clearly lost their homes.

Our tour guide, who could speak Mayan. It was pretty cool!

Just below that door in the middle at the top is a sacrificial stone. You have no idea how much I wanted to climb up there and check that stuff out. I had some macabre questions, too, but I kept them to myself.

These iguanas were all over the place.

And this concludes the guided tour. As Strongbad would say, be sure to experience the fury of our gift shoppppp.