Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Part IV: Grand Cayman

Oh, did you forget I was doing this? So did I.

I don't have a whole lot to say about Grand Cayman, other than that we enjoyed ourselves there. None of these pictures really excite me, either. Our first excursion was snorkeling, which I always enjoy. They first took us to a reef and let us hang around there for a bit. The water was just full of fish. I freaked out the first time I looked in the water, only because I didn't expect to be completely swarmed. Guess they know who has the food. Some people were saying there was a lobster, but I looked and looked and did not see it. Liars.

The Mr.'s $10 watch, which is still ticking as I write.

After that, they took us to a shipwreck. It's not the most exciting story: the ship got caught in a hurricane and took on some water. The cargo just happened to be rice, so when the rice expanded, the ship split open and sank. I don't think Jim Cameron is going to be doing a movie about it or anything. But it was still really cool.

After snorkeling for a few hours, we had lunch at some place near the water, where the Mr. downed two $9 mudslides. I hope those things were good!

And then we went hanging with the stingrays, which I wrote about before.