Monday, August 29, 2005

Losing A Little Weight: The Good, The Bad, The Sad, The Ugly, The Mork

Clothes starting to fit again: good

No more muffin tops: really, really good

The fact that there ever were muffin tops: bad and ugly

Measuring ice cream into "reasonable" portions: sad

One's definition of "reasonable" vs. Weight Watcher's definition: bad

Favorite denim skirt just barely hanging on hips, threatening to fall to the ground any day now, and with one's luck, it would be at work or in public: good, but bad

Considering suspenders so one can continue to wear favorite denim skirt after it no longer fits: bad, sad, ugly and Mork

Having an excuse to go clothes shopping: good

Scale at home says one weighs 2 lbs. less than scale at Weight Watchers. On the same day.: bad

Clothes get expensive fast: bad

The elliptical says 700 calories have been burned, which is probably a lie: good

The fact that one's new favorite snack is non-fat, plain yogurt, fresh fruit and 14 cups of Splenda: sad, but good. One guesses.

Lying to the cardio machines about your weight: good, but sad

Getting all the fiber: good for me, bad for you, and a little ugly

Seeing a little muscle in the gym mirrors: good

Passing up M&Ms at the store, especially the new mega size (though utterly pointless, still tempting): sad

Nanu Nanu: Mork