Saturday, August 13, 2005

Chippendales: The Days of Yore

Last night, me, jasclo, maliavale and another friend were sitting around discussing bachelorette parties, as maliavale is attending a particularly saucy one this evening (however, no stripper will be there). The word "penis" may or may not have been mentioned approximately 400 times during this conversation as it relates to straws, pin the what-on-the-who, cupcakes, headbands and a number of other horrors that must be seen to be believed. I, for one, am relieved to not be going to this shindig. And also, I am feeling thankful that when it came time for our own parties, all my friends and I wanted was the kind of bachelorette party where you just slap on a veil and have some drinks.

Conversation turned to "male theater" and the confusion over the first picture I posted yesterday that said, "I'd prefer to be a m--- theater." Since the building this sign is on is in a very old part of town...

Nabbalicious: I wonder what colonial male stripping was like?
Maliavale: They stripped off their clothes, but left on their sock garters.
N: And their wigs!
M: Yeah!
N: Or, maybe they left most of their clothes on.
M: Yeah, like they took off just their overcoats.
N: Hahaha. 'Did somebody order a patriot?'
M: 'Who's ready for some founding father action?'

Dissolve into choking, sobbing laughter -- the best kind.