Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Ain't Much to Rake Anyway in the Fall

Every year around this time, summer clothes begin to go on sale and I realize I don't want any of them no matter how cheap they are because what would be the point? Fall is coming! However, I'm going to miss my Summer 2005 UniformTM, which was my black flip-flops, white t-shirt or black tank top and swingy salmon-colored skirt. Ben Lee probably saw me in this getup about 18 times, which might be one of several reasons why he cuts a wide swath around me now:

Fall and I haven't always been on the best terms. My primary bone to pick with it was that school started in the fall, something I didn't approve of one bit. The other is that my birthday is in the fall, and I still have psychological scars from celebrating my 5th in Mrs. West's kindergarten class. The routine was that the birthday girl/boy would stand in the middle of the room, then half the class would form a circle around you, then the other half would form another circle outside the first circle. And then they would sing "Happy Birthday to You" as both circles moved in opposite directions. It was so creepy and Twilight Zone that to this day, I really do not like to be sung happy birthday to. After that, we would eat cupcakes, but it was too late; the damage had been done.

Here is a helpful illustration of how this whole thing worked:

Get me a cake (heavy on the frosting, and I call dibs on any balloon or flower sculptures), give me presents, just please don't sing to me. Can we do this quietly? Not that I'm not gracious about it when it happens. But if people knew that instead of feeling warm and fuzzy and loved inside, I was picturing their heads on my old classmates' bodies spinning around me like some deranged carnival ride, and how weird it looked, they would probably stop. Probably. Some of my friends like to tease me, and this information will only encourage them. Like the time I told a friend in 3rd grade, Cynthia, that I was extremely ticklish and I hated being tickled. Well, she proceeded to tickle me until I peed myself. I always seem to wind up with people like this -- button pushers. What would Dr. Phil have to say about that?

Anyway, I was jealous of my brother for a long time, because his birthday is conveniently on August 1 and he never had to deal with any of this.

Fall and I started to cozy up a little when I began to realize how energizing those crisp, perfect days are, how nice it is to be outside with the colorful leaves, getting pink cheeks, how wonderful it is to get new sweaters and boots and not need a jacket just yet. You can leave the air conditioning and the heat off.

Winter and I, on the other hand, have always been BFF. Now that I live in a place where we usually get at least a little snow, it's heaven. When the Mr. is out of town, Nabby will sleep in bed with me all night. In the summer, we don't even think of dragging her up there. It's too hot and we're all miserable and she sheds like a mofo. In the winter, Nabby is all about the snuggling and the eager-please-feed-me-oh-and-good-morning kisses. When it's cold, I love to bundle up and make a cocoon. Being buried under a pile of blankets with a cup of coffee and a book or remote is blissful.

Some of my friends think I'm insane, but I would love to be snowed in someday. Except, with the power still on. And it would be nice if I had recently gone grocery shopping so no one starves to death. So, essentially what I think I would like is to do what I usually do, except with a really good excuse for why I'm doing it. After a good snowfall, I love going to the parks in our neighborhood and watching the kids sled and try to kill each other with atomic snowballs. I love watching Nabby try to figure out if she shrank, or if the ground just suddenly rose up to meet her chest. The world seems so quiet and still when it's covered in new snow.

You bring the blizzards. I'll bring the hot chocolate and sled. I am so ready.