Thursday, July 21, 2005

Yo, Man, Let's Get Outta Here. Word to Your Mother.

The day I've been waiting for has finally almost arrived: In about 24 hours, the Mr. and I are officially on vacation, starting with a day and a half in New Orleans where we plan to be hella dorky tourists, then on a cruise to the Western Caribbean.

Cruise: a floating magical land of 24-hour dessert and pizza buffets, with some cheesy entertainment, shuffleboard and life jackets thrown in for good measure.

I'm not going to preface "Caribbean" with any sort of weather-related adjective because as much as I'd like to say "sunny" or "balmy" I don't want to jinx it and have it wind up less "sunny" and more "hurricaney." So, we'll just ignore the elephant in the room.

We leave bright and early tomorrow morning, and we'll be back on July 31. You know, unless the elephant starts acting up, in which case it could be sooner. Or, we may not come back at all if a) I've gained so much weight that it causes the plane to list, and they need to make an emergency landing to kick me off (hey, do you think they let you use the cool yellow slide in that instance? Because I would be on board with that.) and/or b) we decide we really can make it as surf shop proprietors in Jamaica and it is feasible to live on daiquiris alone. In which case, maliavale, we'll be sending for Nabby.