Wednesday, July 13, 2005


So, yes. Quite the adventure yesterday.

As Jasclo and I were pulling out of our parking space at Starbucks, we noticed a lady sleeping in her car with the engine running.
"What is that lady doing?" I asked.
"I don't know. It's freaking hot out. Why would someone nap in their car on a day like this?"
"I know! It looks like the air is on, though."
"Do you think she's OK?"
"She appears to be breathing...I think so."
"She's sleeping in a weird position." She was hunched forward, with her head resting against the window. "I'd recline the seat. That just doesn't look very comfortable."
"This is weird. Should we knock on the window?"
"What if she's just sleeping, and is pissed that we woke her up?"
"She's just idling her car. That is wasting so much gas."
Jasclo laughed, because with gas prices as they are these days, all I can think about his how much gas is being wasted at any given moment. I swear I wasn't trying to be funny.
"I know. Crap, dude. I'm getting scared."
"Me, too."
"I'm going to try to slam the door to see if she wakes up." Jasclo slams it. Nothing.
I honk the horn. Nothing.
We can't just leave until we know this girl is all right for sure.
"This is freaky. Let's go find some security."

We went into the Staples store next door and got a manager out with us. She banged on the girl's window, but she didn't move. That's when I dialed 911, and Jasclo called mall security on her cell. While we were doing that, Staples lady and some other bystander were able to open the girl's door and wake her. Meanwhile, several cops and an ambulance arrive. Mad props to them for the fast response.

Staples lady and bystander shook her, but for a couple moments, there was no response. Eventually she came to and was disoriented and groggy. She told bystander her name, and that she had taken some pills. Jasclo thinks she heard valium mentioned. Bystander told a nearby cop that the girl reeked of alcohol, as well. Blase, he said they had dealt with this girl before and that she had a lot of issues. Reminds me of the cruel Everclear line, "It's just another overdose." It saddens me that whatever her issues are, they drive her to do that to herself.

We had to leave, since Jasclo's shift was starting soon, so we don't know what they did with her. On the way to work, we berated ourselves for being so wimpy about knocking on her window in the first place. I think I was just disbelieving that she could really be in any danger because you're not going to go around knocking on the window of every car with a person sleeping inside. But honestly, deep down we both knew she was, which I guess is why we didn't leave.

Whew. I hope she'll get the help she needs.