Tuesday, July 19, 2005

It's 2005, But Everything Costs Only 10 Cents

My oldest peeve is restaurants that don't give free refills on diet Coke. If the rumor I heard -- that soda only costs about 10 cents a glass -- is even remotely true, then you really can't be more cheap than to not offer refills. Of course, if everyone drank soda like I did, free refills would be a solid money loser. But in my experience, I'm probably one of about 15 people in this country that could consume the equivalent of a 2-liter in a single sitting. My friends who don't finish even a single soda more than make up for us.

This peeve has a sibling now.

No Free Refills, meet We Don't Take Debit Cards. A few times in the last few months I've gotten screwed by the last remaining cash-only joints in this country.

Last week, I got a bagel, some coffee and fruit at some place in DC. When it was my turn at the cashier, I forked over my debit card. "Sorry, cash only," sneered the girl behind the counter. Yeah, I'll bet she was crying all over the cash drawer as she watched me amble over to the ATM, where I paid $2 to withdraw some cash so they could save 10 cents a transaction, or whatever the measly going rate is to inhabit modern times.

Maybe I'm getting spoiled, but I don't carry cash on me anymore, and whenever I'm told a place is cash only now, I have a little hissyfit in my head. It's 2005, people. Get with the program. Not sure if you heard, but debit cards are here stay. I hear DVDs are doing pretty well, too.