Monday, July 04, 2005

Hostess With the Mostest

I'm not going to be posting much the next few days. I actually have visitors. I know! And they are not my parents, if that's what you're thinking. No, I have actual FRIENDS here. Yes, I have friends! Their names are Trish and Brian. Feel free to look it up and verify. They're here for NINE DAYS. You have to say that in all caps. But they're proving to be pretty easygoing and easy to please, so I won't be pulling my hair out by day seven, it would seem.

Trish and Brian brought along their cute daughter Aubrie, who pretty much just sits there and smiles all day. That's the kind of baby I would order, and after laughing hysterically, my genes would instead spit out the squawkiest, brattiest baby known to man. Aubrie inherited the easygoing genes, clearly. They were worried that Aubrie was keeping the Mr. and I up last night, because she didn't get the memo that there has been a 3-hour time change. She's keeping to California time, dammit. I pointed out that there are advantages to being deaf, you know.

Nabby is mystified, and she seems a little jealous of Aubrie's numerous toys. I have a feeling the minute Aubrie turns her back, that talking puppy is going to be trapped in Nabby's jaws.