Friday, June 10, 2005

Tip Profiling

Last night, the Mr. and I went to our regular Chinese spot for some takeout. Next door to the takeout side is a restaurant, and neither of us has ever seen anyone in there, nor have we been in there ourselves. The takeout side does really brisk business, so maybe that's how they can afford to keep the restaurant side open.

As we were leaving, the Mr. wondered aloud yet again, "I wonder why there's never anyone in there?" We have to ask this every time we go there, because it really is weird. When I drive by, I'll often glance over to see if they've finally gotten a customer in there.

As we headed back to my car, we passed a sign on the restaurant door, then backed up and read it.

"If you prefer not to tip, we have takeout next door. For no-tip repeat offenders, we will add an 18% gratuity to your bill."

I guess that answers that question.