Thursday, June 02, 2005

Ted Leo + Pharmacists

Last night, me, maliavale and her brother Mark had the pleasure of seeing Ted Leo. I only discovered him a few weeks ago, but liked his music enough to go check him out when he rolled into town. Before the show, Mark (a big fan of Ted's) spotted him by the merch table, so we wandered over to say hello. After snapping a picture of them, we pressed him on the band name issue: is it Ted Leo/Pharmacists or Ted Leo and the Pharmacists. He warmed me and maliavale's grammar and punctuation geek hearts when he said he was very insistent on the slash at first, but he has since eased up a bit and doesn't care as much anymore. But, he confided, he is now employing the plus sign: Ted Leo + Pharmacists. I likey.

I took lots of pictures, but 90% of them came out looking like butt. Thankfully, there were other, better photographers there, one of whom was more than happy to show me a few things. Thanks, guy whose name I forget!

In other news, last night was a veritable "spot the twin of a famous person" extravaganza. You'll be pleased to know that I got through the night without telling a single person who they looked like. But, seriously. Look below. Someone was trying to torture me here...