Sunday, June 12, 2005

Something to Remember Me By

It would appear that I am utterly unmemorable.

Saw Ben Lee aka the cuddly teddy bear made of rainbow muffins (TM Aimee Mann) again last night with Jasclo and Maliavale. You know, from now on, just assume that on one of my days off each week, I saw Ben.

My first night as a supposed camera renegade didn't go so well. The venue seemed to be a place where they were seriously strict about the rules, so my gut told me to just leave it in the car. Good call. Some lady next to me snuck in her camera, snapped a picture of Aimee and got hauled off by security 10 seconds later. The venue was also strict about placing personal items on the stage, which brought out the 10-year-old in me. I hovered my drinking glass over the stage and said, "Can't get mad! Not touching the stage! Can't get mad!"

Ben's show was not really my favorite set of all the ones I've seen. He seemed to be in a foul mood when he came out, and he pretty much stuck to the set list. I was kind of hoping he'd throw in a cover or something, like he usually does. S'okay, we all have crap days. I did get to meet the lovely Princess Genevieve and hang out with Matt again.

After the first song, he looked at the couple to my left, smiled and said, "Hey! How are you doing?" Now, I may be getting my facts wrong, because they only told everyone in our vicinity this about 4 times, but let me try ... they hung out with Ben and Aimee's band after the show in Northern VA. They're BFF, y'all! Matt summed them up pretty aptly, "I'm the bigger fan! No, I am! No...!" Their nickname for the rest of the night was SUPERFANS (TM). Anyway, I suppose it figures that Ben would remember them. They're nuts.

Midway during Aimee's set, I saw Ben back at the merch booth, so I took my CD covers over there for signing, and he was gracious. I didn't say much other than "thank you, great show." Maliavale thought I should have told him what his music has meant for me, but hearkening back to an earlier discussion we had about "breaking the seal" when drinking, I didn't want to break the seal with Ben and turn into a blathering, gushing idiot. And believe me, I absolutely would, because I'm a spaz like that.

After the show, the gang wanted to say goodbye to Ben. As Matt was saying farewell, Ben said, "Hey! You're Angie Hart's friend! I remember you! How are you doing?" Matt was beaming, I was scowling.

Normally I wouldn't expect Ben to remember me, or anyone else for that matter. But he seems to have a fantastic memory, so therefore I'm demanding to be noticed, rewarded for my unwavering devotion all these years. Jasclo suggested I be psycho and/or weird, which would definitely make me memorable, but also a person to avoid at all costs. I believe maliavale suggested wearing a funny hat. I thought since Matt's association with Angie Hart worked so well, perhaps I should tell Ben that me and Mike Watt are supatight.

When I got home, I whined to the Mr. that Ben remembers everyone but me (I'm a big fat baby, yeah), when I realized that he probably does remember me: I'm the tool who keeps requesting "Brain Damage" despite the fact that it's fairly obvious that he either doesn't remember it anymore or doesn't want to play it, period. I'm also the one with the giant camera who was firing a flash in his face for two straight nights back in April.

Yep, he hate me.