Thursday, June 09, 2005

The Rules: Time-Tested Secrets for Getting Your Camera Into a Venue

OK, I've had it. For the second time, I have been robbed of taking pictures, and that does not please me. We saw Ryan Adams last night (who played for just shy of 3 hours). As is my custom before the show, I contacted the venue to inquire about their policy on cameras. "We don't allow pictures. Sorry." came the reply, which is fine. Nine times out of 10, that is the policy. Then we get to the show, and of course, there are dozens of people with their digital cameras and camera phones.

They were taking pictures with the flashes all night, some of them near ushers, some of them right in Ryan's face. No one said anything. Every time a flash went off, it was like a knife to my heart. I really enjoy shooting concerts because I find it a big challenge, and I'm nowhere close to having mastered it. And there were so many great moments to shoot last night: Ryan's piano and mike surrounded by little lights, sometimes even supplying the only light on the stage...Ryan writhing around the stage with his guitar (I thought he was going to start smashing it for a second). It was a great show in every sense, even if I did wonder a few times whether he was possibly high.

It was small consolation that most of those people were probably getting pretty lousy pictures, anyway.

I'm pretty much done following the ostensible "rules." I don't want to get my camera taken away, and if someone asks me to stop, I will. But I'm bringing the damn thing in with me. Saturday will be my first day as a camera renegade, so I very well could be moblogging from jail.