Tuesday, June 14, 2005


  • I finally settled on a nice bottle of cabernet for dad. From the reviews at wine.com, it sounds like it could cure all the ills in the world, make you appear ten years younger and 12 pounds lighter with just one drop. It's magic wine! If he doesn't like it, he can ship it to me. Thanks for the ideas. I'm very anti-gift certificate, for the record, unless I'm totally desperate. Which is weird, because I totally love getting gift certificates. They're the best.
  • Um, no picture today, because I had intended to post one of Kim's brand-spanking-new baby, the adorable Keira Avery, but didn't e-mail the photo I had touched up to myself at home. Congratulations, Kim! And Kent!
  • It's going to be 95 degrees today. Death. My brain is at a low simmer right now and will probably reach boiling point in the next hour or so.