Monday, June 06, 2005

Random Acts of Not Holding the Door (Pay It Forward)

I really hate it when I hold the door for someone and they fail to thank me. Almost as much as people who don't hold the door for others. The "I didn't know you were there" excuse doesn't wash, either, because I'm always in the habit of checking behind me. I understand, not everyone can be as great as I am, right?

It happened again this morning: some guy was coming up the stairs while I was exiting the gym, so I held the door. And frankly, it was one of those situations where you could go either way: if I decided to not hold the door, I don't think anyone would have thought it rude. What the hell, I thought. The sun's shining, it's a nice day, he's wearing a suit that looks ridiculously uncomfortable, what the hell, I'll wait a few extra seconds and hold it.

Aaaand he just wanders into gym with nary a word or glance in my direction. So I leaned around the door and hissed "You're welcome!" and left in a huff.

What I hate more than the rudeness is that mometarily, the rudeness makes me not want to do nice things for other people anymore.

Next time, I shall gracefully, calmly and pleasantly smack the next offender over the head with an Emily Post book.