Sunday, June 19, 2005

Muffin Basket of Puppies

Ben Lee takes a leap. And yeah, I brought my camera in, disguised as food in a white plastic shopping bag at the bottom of a tote bag. "Wow, I am so clever and stealthy," I thought as we took our seats. I sat there giving myself a big old pat on the back and demonstrating my Mission: Impossible-like camera-sneak technique to the Mr., when I took a look around and saw many, many people wearing their cameras brazenly around their necks.

For pete's sake.

I'm still not clear on whether they technically were allowing pictures or not. Before the show, they announced that flash photography wasn't allowed. Which is fine, because I didn't necessarily need it. But the announcement was followed by, "So, please put your cameras away." I decided to interpret the rules in my favor. They're not the greatest, as I wasn't super close and didn't want to make myself obvious. But, here you go, regardless.