Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Love Just Leaves You Bruised

Yesterday, I got what I deserved. For the last five days, I've had to give Nabby an antibiotic every 12 hours in preparation for her teeth cleaning. To get her to eat it with as little fuss as possible, I dip it in a little peanut butter. Who am I kidding with that, anyway? She'll eat anything, with or without peanut butter. There is no need to truss up anything. The thing is, though, she's hilarious with peanut butter. The gooeyness makes her frantically stick her tongue out to twice its usual length while she tries to get it free from every nook and cranny in her mouth.

Last afternoon, I decided to put some on her snout and watch what she did. The poor thing just sat there doing the same motion with her tongue, unable to get it up and around her snout to the peanut butter. After laughing at her for a minute or two, I finally bent down and put it on my finger so she could eat it. Then I stood back up and WHACK! My head hit the cabinet, full force.

I went around telling everyone about my head wound, but not really mentioning exactly what I was doing when it occurred. Guilt eventually got the better of me, and I fessed up.

The moral: teasing of cute dog=more painful punishment+less sympathy