Thursday, June 23, 2005

I Needs a Valium

Is there anything more stressful than an internet presale? I highly doubt it. Even eBay isn't this stressful, because at auction close time, your internet connection runs at the same speed it did 5 minutes prior to auction close time. But the presale. The presale. *Pulls hair and screams*

Presale tickets go on sale for the White Stripes and the Shins in t-minus 4 minutes. This lineup is seriously challenging my previous all-time favorite lineups of Pearl Jam/Nirvana/Red Hot Chili Peppers in 1992 (I think?) and Ben Lee/Fountains of Wayne in 2003.

Jack White is not a muffin basket of puppies, however. He's, like, an anvil basket of wrenches and a banjo.

Note to maliavale: things in a basket=funny.

Update: Got them! Yes! Now I'm going to collapse and fan myself.