Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Doody...Heh (I'm 12)

It is with much glee and relief that I can now make this announcement and do the happy bloggy dance/fist pump/Roger Rabbit/running man/moonwalk: I have successfully "served" a term of jury doody. I didn't want to mention that there was a possibility in any way, shape or form until I was officially in the clear, lest it jinx things.

I can't believe what I did even counts as "serving," since all I really did was call every Wednesday at 4:30 to find out whether I'd have to get up at the waytoofnearly o'clock the following morning to sit around all day, only to be told it wasn't necessary. There was a bit of a scare last week when I called and they read off a laundry list of people who had to show up. And the names weren't in alphabetical order, so they could have lowered the boom at any moment. I held my breath and name wasn't among those called. "Poor bastards," I thought as I hung up and made my alternate Thursday plans.

While part of me was vaguely looking forward to having an excuse to sit around and catch up on my reading, I think it's far preferable to sit around and catch up on my reading and sleep in and get civic duty brownie points either way.

I'll give my apologies to Starbucks, however, as they stood to profit heavily from me in the month of June. I hope this doesn't throw their projected quarterly earnings all out of whack.