Thursday, June 02, 2005

Bathroom Graffiti Project

I had been looking around for a photo project for awhile, when it finally occurred to me that I get way too much enjoyment out of reading bathroom graffiti. I love the variety of messages: pithy and/or hilarious observations, off-the-cuff and kind of offensive remarks and well-thought-out works of art. I look forward to lots of confused stares as I haul my camera into bathrooms 'round the world.

(Updated 8/19) Guest entry from Jurgen Nation, who adds this note: Isn't this wild? I especially love the divergent arrow as a whimsical reminder that, once it hits the hole, it's anyone's guess where it goes. A social commentary, really: where does it go when flushed? No one really knows, but it goes somewhere. Ah, such is life.

I, personally, would like to express horror that someone stuck their hand in there to bring us this message. Way in there. Also, I haven't forgotten about this project. It's just that people all of a sudden seem to have stopped bringing their Sharpies to the bathroom. Come on, philosophers and artists! Where are you hiding?