Friday, May 20, 2005


(Now a Photo Friday entry as well..."Green.")

I'm back! You missed me every moment, right? The Mr. and I went to Chicago for a few days. I couldn't really say anything beforehand, since the main purpose of the visit was a surprise party for my mother-in-law, and she checks in here from time to time. No one wants to be the jerk who ruins the surprise.

Everything is better in Chicago, including these tulips on steroids, which I found growing on the Northwestern campus (the smartypants Mr.'s alma mater). Seriously, they're like 4 feet tall.

I took 12 million pictures, give or take, and will post some of them this weekend when I'm not busy at the gym working off all the wine, cake and deep dish pizza I consumed. I'm fairly certain I doubled in size. Oof.