Tuesday, May 10, 2005

The Synapses, They Fire Sometimes

It so happens that once in awhile, I'm not a total idiot. And lately, I've been finding that somehow I'm at my best on almost no sleep. I went to spinning a couple weeks ago on about 2 hours of sleep and had the workout of my life. It had to have been because I was so loopy and out of my mind that by the time my brain realized what my body was doing and would try to stop me, the workout was over. I highly recommend it!

Anyway, my most regular spinning class is Saturday mornings at 8:30. To normal people with normal schedules, this would be like having a spinning class at 3 a.m., just to give some idea of how whacked out this hour of the day is for me. I drink about 6 cups of coffee beforehand, which generally sustains me through the hourlong workout. Then I stumble home and go back to bed for a few hours. I only do this because I love my teacher -- we can talk about Survivor, and she plays the Replacements for me (Bastards of Young is a great spinning song) -- and because even though I hate getting up at that hour, I'll grudgingly admit that getting a workout out of the way first thing is an excellent way to start the day. If you're planning to work out at all, that is. If you're planning to loaf around all day, that's an excellent day, too.

So, last Saturday, I'm driving home after class, physically and mentally spent (or so I think), and I pass a minivan with the following license plate:

Do you get it? Do you? My thought process immediately went as follows, "My three sons! That is so cute. (pause) Holy crap, I can't believe I even figured that out at all, let alone at this hour."