Thursday, May 12, 2005

The Sporting Life

All right, I think it's safe now to talk about the finale to the Amazing Race, which aired on Tuesday. I was holding off, because Malia Vale hadn't yet seen it. I'm pretty sure she has by now.

What happened with Uchenna and Joyce was such a load of BS, steam still comes out of my ears when I think about it.

If you don't watch the show (and why not?! It's the best reality show on TV.), here's what happened: Rob and Amber got tickets on an 11:15 flight, but then decided to take standby on an earlier flight. They got on. Uchenna and Joyce also got tickets to the 11:15 flight, and also got standby for the same flight Rob and Amber did. Thing is, the plane had started pulling away from the gate when Uchenna and Joyce rolled up. In the world I know, that would spell disaster. They begged and pleaded, and the pilot eventually agreed to come back to the gate. Which allowed them to get on and, ultimately, win the race.

Normally, I'd have been OK with them winning. They were my second favorites to win. But they won because of something that would almost certainly not happen in real life, especially in this day and age. Had they won because of a bad break on the other team's part, then hey, that's life and more power to them. But they didn't, and therefore, I don't like them anymore.

More than anything, I was looking forward to Lynn and Alex (who were so totally fixated on what Rob and Amber were doing instead of, I don't know, on their own game) being forced to clap for Rob and Amber as they crossed the finish line first. Sure, Rob and Amber already have their million from All-Star Survivor, and that's nice. But it's not The Amazing Most Deserving Because of Overall Life Hardship Race. They played a better game than anyone, and their scheming took the show to a whole new level. They deserved to win for that alone. They also weren't annoying, which has to count for something on this show.

It also gives me just one more reason to detest American Airlines, which I'll talk about sometime over the weekend.