Monday, May 16, 2005

Last Time I Didn't Get a Piece of Cake...

I've been working on the American Airlines story for a couple days now, and it's really not reading that well. But it's a good story. I mean, it's JUST NUTS. I doubt anyone was actually hitting refresh on their browser in hopes that I'd post it.

Anyway, if you are hitting refresh, give your fingers a break because it's going to be awhile. I've got this obnoxious cough that refuses to die, and it's been really difficult to concentrate or think about spinning a decent yarn. All I can think is how much I'd like to not cough anymore. It's like when you have hiccups that won't go away, and you wonder if this is it: you're going to be one of those people who has the hiccups for the rest of their life, and they have to spend their days sifting through the "helpful suggestions" for getting rid of them, and Weekly World News won't stop calling for interviews. Am I going to be the girl with the cough? Are they going to profile me in People? Will the Halls people send me a lifetime supply of Halls? If so, I prefer cherry.

The highlight of the weekend was our first anniversary. Woot, right?! Aside from the whole surviving the first year without any injuries thing, the other plus was year-old wedding cake. Yeah! Actually, it tasted OK. That thing has been staring me in the face every. single. day. for the last year, and there have been so many weak moments where I pondered whether it would really be that bad if I just had a little forkful. Who would know? But I resisted, and as soon as the clock hit midnight, I was all over that sucker. It tasted a little plastic-y at first, but I had another slice tonight and the flavor was much improved, especially in the frosting area, which is the most important part.