Monday, May 02, 2005

Just Like Groundhog Day, Except Without All the Answers to Jeopardy!

Last night, Jasclo and I were talking about a person we know who takes the same vacations every year, at the same time, to the same locales. I hope he enjoys it, and it seems like he does, but it made me feel a little sad. For him, because of how much he's probably missing out there, and for me, because I could totally see myself ending up like that.

I have my routine. You can practically time me on it any given day. Most days it's get up, eat oatmeal, drink coffee until mild buzz is attained, surf about 10-15 favorite web sites, go to the gym for 90 minutes, come home, walk the dog, shower, do hair, put on makeup, eat lunch, go to work. Even on the weekends, the time of fun, the time to goof around, I've got a routine on those days, too. My laziness is even scheduled (Tuesdays from 2-5). Some of my friends even know that they shouldn't be bothering me about doing something at x day or x time, because that's the day I'm doing x. Not actual X.

I live in mortal fear of my routine being somehow disrupted.

How lame and sad is that? But these last few weeks have shaken up the routine a little. Going to shows, drinking a bit (by that, I mean, a lot), staying up past normal bedtime (1-1:30 a.m.) and generally just enjoying my friends and life. I didn't even do my nails this week (Thursday nights during Apprentice), or put away my laundry until just last night (usually I do that Thursday nights after Project Greenlight). Scandal!

But the world didn't blow up, so I had that going for me, which is nice. Anyway, I think I'll try and live like this a little more often. Even though my nails look like crap and my clothes are all wrinkled, it's nicer on this side.