Monday, May 23, 2005

Got Any Cakes and Pies?

Harry has stopped shouting "Heeeeeeeeeey!" when he sees us. I'm surprised by how disappointed I am by this. Now he just solemnly waves at me, and maybe 30% of the time he'll ask for something. I guess he should save his lung power for people who actually give up the goods. Yesterday he spotted me, waved and mumbled, "Ya got anything?" Come on, Harry! We like it when you're oddly specific! Little does he know we actually DO have cake. But no pie.

Henry continues to piss me off daily. I am at least happy to report that I'm not as mental when it comes to juking him out of his regular spot in front of our house. But across the street, there's a section of curb between two driveways with enough room for two cars. Just guess where you would park if you were a totally rude boor with no consideration for anyone else around you. You'd park right in the middle, and so does Henry.