Tuesday, May 10, 2005

The Eye of the Tiger

Jasclo is going to kill me for relating this story, but I thought I'd unearth it when she least expected it. You thought you were safe, didn't you? Oh ho, ho! Actually, I'm unearthing it now only because I just remembered it now for some reason, and that I swore I was going to blog it at the time.

I didn't really write about our traumatic experience at having been very, very lost in our nation's capital a few weeks ago. Believe me when I say I was ready to cry and I wanted my blankie. To anyone considering driving there in the future, here's a tip: do not rely on logic. Oh, yes. Those are letters and numbers. But they don't mean jack. Trust me. (I usually take the wonderful metro, but it wasn't possible this time). So, now you're all like, "Didn't you have a map?" Well, no. You got me there. But I didn't think I needed one. We needed to get from one lettered street to another lettered street, and we knew the intersection we were looking for, which consisted of a letter and a number. Easy enough. Would you think you needed a map? If you say yes, well then, I think you're just being a smart-alek and I want you to stop it. In fact, I know the Mr. is thinking he would have had a friggin' map. He loves maps.

One of the features of the fair city is that you'll be driving along and thinking, "OK, good. This is the way I want to go...wait...roundabout...what the...hey! Where is this taking me?! @$%@#!" and all of a sudden the damn roundabout spits you out in the opposite direction you had been traveling.

It happened to us, oh, 15 times that day. At one point, we found ourselves circling around the Jefferson Memorial.
Jasclo says, "That's where they filmed the scene from Rocky, right?"
"Dude. What?"
"The steps!"
"That was the Philadelphia Museum of Art!"
"SO! I haven't seen Rocky!"
"You should! It's a great movie!"
"I don't want to see a boxing movie!"
"It's not just a boxing movie. It's about one man's will to survive. The triumph of the spirit!"
"Well. OK."