Thursday, April 14, 2005

You Really Like Rock 'n' Roll, All of the Fame and the Masquerade

From the ages of about 7 to 13, I was a Mormon, baptized and everything. It didn't work out, obviously. I mean, when you tell me I can't have diet Coke, we're going to have some insurmountable issues.

After years of begging, mom finally relented and let me stop going to church, as it was seriously cutting into my Shirley Temple-movie watching time on Sundays. When I left, my whole view of the world as I knew it didn't really shift, as it did for dooce. I was always a bad, rebellious child, and church was not going to stand in my way. The message never really sank in. Yes, I just said that I watched Shirley Temple movies, yet was also supposedly "bad and rebellious." Don't ask me to explain it.

I do have one enduring memory, though. A scar, if you will. What dooce says about music in the church is very true. KISS supposedly stood for "knights in service of satan" and AC/DC stood for "anti-christ/devil's children." Oh, sure. It's hilarious now, but at 8 years old, having nightmares that KISS has just murdered your entire family, grandparents included...not pleasant. It didn't help that my babysitter's son happened to be a huge KISS fan, and he'd regularly tackle me to the ground and try to light my hair on fire.

Now that kid was Satan.