Monday, April 04, 2005

Just Say No, And List the Reasons Why

Oh, I'm sorry. Did you stop by expecting an actual entry? Then I have failed you, dear reader. I blame it on my addiction, which I admit I am powerless against. It has become something larger than myself. Than any of us.

See, this morning as I was uploading a picture, I thought of an entry. I'm still working on another, longer one, but needed an interim one, since the longer one isn't quite ready. The idea came swiftly, and once the Board of Directors in my head deemed it suitable for blogitude, I thought, "I should write this down" because I was heading out and wouldn't be able to work on it right then.

Because that's what I am. A dirty, lowlife addict. Of lists. I can't function without one. At the bookstore, I am lost without one. I would never know what music to buy without my Amazon wish list. The video store? Forget it. Without my grocery list, I would just circle the aisles in a trance. I NEED THE LISTS. Some days I even write the command "Wake up" on my to do list, so helpless am I without one. Many days, I also write "Take shower." So, my addiction can be a good thing for the general populace, too.

But you can see where this sad, ugly story is going, can't you? I didn't write it down. And now it's gone. Ah, the price of addiction.