Thursday, April 07, 2005

Convenient Parking Is Way Back, Way Back

This Henry business is starting to make me very irrational and insane. Tonight, the Mr. came home from work around 7 and wanted to know where I would like to go to dinner. I suggested either this one place that serves up 1 lb. burgers (that's after cooking, yo) or this Italian joint that serves 5 lbs of spaghetti per person.

"But can we wait a few minutes before leaving?" I asked. "Henry isn't home yet, and I don't want him to take my spot."

We parked on the couch and killed time by watching parts of Bend It Like Beckham and Friends. Every time I heard a car, I'd look out the window. "Is that Henry?! Is he home?"

I suggested that maybe the Mr. move his car up a little, to make it impossible to park in front of our house, but our neighbor Maya wasn't home, and I didn't want to involve her in our War of Principle if she happened to get home before Henry did.

Around 8 p.m., starving and sort of realizing how ridiculous I was being, I cried uncle. "Let's go to dinner." Fine, Henry. You win this time.

As we were driving home and turned the corner onto our street, the Mr. started cackling. "Henry's in your spot! Hahahahaha! He took it!" He is fully enjoying how mad this whole thing makes me.

"Dammit, I'm getting a crowbar tomorrow." Then, after having counted to ten, I suggested a more peaceful solution: that he just fill up our recycling bin and put it on Henry's hood, but he wasn't having that.

Yeah, I need to get a life.