Friday, April 29, 2005

Bang, Bang, Gimme a Break

'Twas a time I would get mighty indignant at getting carded. At 21, it's a hassle. After that, it's an affirmation and a compliment.

Last night, Malia Vale and I rocked out with the Shins. Before the show, we had dinner at this cute little Mexican place. She ordered a mojito, and was promptly asked for her ID. I ordered the same and said, "Do you need to see my ID?" The waitress was like, "Um...sure, whatever." Thanks, lady. Come on, I'm not weathered and grizzled.

All was right again when we arrived at the club and were asked if we were over or under 21. As we hopped into the over-21 line, some nice bouncer man who was totally lying said, "Are you sure you're over 21?" I said, "I love you."