Saturday, March 26, 2005

Oh, That Smell? That's Me.

It doesn't happen often that I actually become obsessed with a food that isn't bad for me in the massive quantities I tend to favor. Usually I'm found shaking my fists at the heavens lamenting, "Why, WHY can't I have pizza for breakfast and double doubles for lunch every day?! Curses! Damn the lot of you!" Because I like to imitate Charlton Heston.

Yesterday, I made some white bean dip from a recipe that jasclo gave me approximately 400 years ago and holy crap is it good. It's meant to be a veggie and/or pita dip, but I say forget that garbage and just get a spoon. It's full of garlicky-salty goodness, which pretty much means no one will be getting within 20 feet of me as long as I'm eating this stuff with a shovel.